Welcome Message

Dear Friends:

parkersmSometime prior to the Civil War, a circuit rider came to Shenandoah Junction on his horse to lead a handful of pioneer families in worship.  The Shenandoah Junction United Methodist Church Charge and its Programs today are much larger than anything that may have been conceived or wrought by these early pioneers.  Here is a mighty stream of life, to which the time, thought, devotion, and sacrifice of many generations have been given and from which they and we have drawn refreshment.

Ours is a world of flux and change.  The only secure place any of us can find to stand and be sustained is in Christ, which is the very stream from which our forebears drank and were satisfied, and is still flowing from the fountainhead – Christ Jesus our Lord.  The church more than at any other time is the cradle of our lives.

We owe a great debt of appreciation to our past and an even greater debt to God for allowing us to be part of an exciting present and future.  We must plan and execute in a manner worthy of a great church with a great mission.

Let each of us commit ourselves thoughtfully, prayerfully, joyfully, and liberally as we move forward into the future.

Dr. Parker Hinzman